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Swap Meat Library (9 vintage adult paperbacks, 1985-86)

Swap Meat Library (9 vintage adult paperbacks, 1985-86)

SKU: 125523

N. Hollywood, CA: American Art Enterprises, 1985-86. Vintage adult paperbacks, distributed by Parliament News, featuring photo cover illustrations on fishnet design wrappers, & heavy on swap themes. Other Parliament lines focused on swapping, perhaps none more blatantly than this. Ties to Marlowe Sales & Gourmet Video. 4-letter words widely used. AGGRESSIVE SWAPPERS - SML107, 1985. Ralph Martin. Reprints "Share My Wife" (1980), "Tail Traders" (1984), "Lusty Groupies" (1985). Case studies. SEX SWAP CAMP - SML118, 1985. George Werbin. Reps "The Sex Camp" (1981). Lecherous lady. JILL GOES FOR IT - SML119, 1985. Ralph Morton. No reps stated. Ad exec "Mark Hastings." HORNY SWAPPERS - SML121, 1985. Jay Harrison. Reps "A Passionate Swapper" & "He Swapped His Wife" (1981), "The Greatest Turn-On Swap" (1984), "She Taught Her Husband" (1985). Lesbians, divorce. SWAP FEST GALORE - SML122, 1985. George Werbin. Reps "The Eager Swappers" (1977), "Curvacious Tongue Twister" (1980), "Swappers Love-In" (1981), "Games of Lust" (1982), "Eager Swappers" (1983). Jealous love. NICK -- SUPER STUD - SML125, 1986. Jay Harrison. No reps stated. Author as "Mr. Weldon" on teaser page. Idaho lake setting. Remainder. SWINGING-SWAPPING-SINGLES - SML128, 1986. Alex Marsh. Reps "Swinging Apartment Slut" (1981). Los Angeles to NY showgirl to mistress. DUDE RANCH SWAPPERS - SML131, 1986. Ralph Morton. No reps stated. Backwoods Montana. HORNY-LUST TRADERS - SML135, 1986. Ralph Morton. No reps stated. Latin beats in California. VG+ overall. [Book ID 125523] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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