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Swapping in Suburbia (Vintage Paperback)

Swapping in Suburbia (Vintage Paperback)

SKU: 126878

Muller, Herb; Eric Stanton (cover art)


Swapping in Suburbia (Vintage Paperback)


[NY]: First Niter, 1963. FN-103, 75c cover price, 160pp, winking moon logo. First Edition, paperback original, 12mo softcover perfect-bound, color wrappers. Vintage paperback, adult erotic novel, with themes swapping, suburbia, lesbian, voyeurism. First Niter featured great cover art throughout the series by Stanton, Eugene Bilbrew, and Bill Ward, began 1963, ran a few years, 100+ titles. First-year issues particular scarce. Very Good, lean, light toning, foxing, and creasing. For consenting, mature audiences.


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