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Sweeter Gwen (First Edition, c. 1963)

Sweeter Gwen (First Edition, c. 1963)

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Stanton, Eric


Sweeter Gwen (First Edition, c. 1963)


New York: [Leonard Burtman], 1963. Softcover octavo, saddle-stapled, b/w throughout, 64pp, undated but circa 1963. Vintage digest magazine, adult illustrated erotic comic featuring female domination and wrestling, rope bondage, torture racks, gags, spanking, and short, dastardly con-men. Produced and published by Leonard Burtman, with story and art by Eric Stanton and studio mate, Steve Ditko, as homage to fetishist John Willie and his "Sweet Gwendoline" heroine. Presumed to be an early or proof issue, with b/w/red wrapper instead of full-color. Reprinted several times. Very Good Plus, light foxing, slight roll. For consenting, mature audiences. [Seves, "Eric Stanton & the History of the Bizarre Underground," 2018]


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