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Swingers (7 vintage adult paperbacks, 1973)

Swingers (7 vintage adult paperbacks, 1973)

SKU: 125755

New York: Star Distributors, 1973. Seven vintage adult paperbacks aimed at proliferating the practice of swinging & answering personals ads, most titles in the form of "case studies" (novels/short stories). A cool line w/  allure like no other, & fun "front page news" photo cover design. Guilty of having the most words on any smut paperback cover? Crown Productions ad form at the back. Very Good Plus overall, most are remainders. SWINGERS' SECRETS REVEALED (SS1001, [1973]. Eric Longley. Answering the want-ads). MAIL ORDER SEX (SS1002, [1973]. Earl Lawrence. Answering the want-ads). SWINGERS' CONFESSION (SS1004, 1973. First stating Star Distributors on copyright. Group love). SEX ADS PAY-OFF (SS1005, 1973. Chapter photo vignettes throughout). SPECIAL REPORT: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ANSWER SEX ADS (SS1006, 1973. Chapter photo vignettes). SWINGERS FIND NEW SEX KICKS: NEW SEX GAMES REVEALED THROUGH SWINGER ADS (SS1008, [1973]. Chapter photo vignettes). LOVE BY SPECIAL DELIVERY: SURVEY SHOWS WHERE SWINGERS FIND SEX ACTION (SS1009, [1973]. Chapter photo vignettes).   [Book ID: 125755]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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