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Swingle (Vintage adult magazine, Joyce Gibson feature, 1972)

Swingle (Vintage adult magazine, Joyce Gibson feature, 1972)

SKU: 125088

Stein, Irwin and Walter Zacharius (publishers); Ken Williams, Bruce Warland, Ed Alexander, Eric Wilkins, Larry Caye (photographers); J.J. Carson, Clark Bass, Ralph Hampton, Pat Bury, Terry Conrad, R.J. Selbe (contributors); Herbert Norton Rogoff, Engleman, Bill Wenzel (art)


Swingle (Vintage adult magazine, Joyce Gibson feature, 1972)


New York: Magnum-Royal Publications, 1972. V2 N9, May 1972. B/W/Color throughout, 82pp, $1 cover price, distributed by Magnum (late 1970s by Kable). Vintage adult magazine, featuring solo model & lesbian layouts throughout. Short-lived series, 1960s-80s, maybe 50 issues. Several are similarly stunning.


Joyce Gibson aka Joyce Mandel full-color layout as Jana San Martine. Gibson was a Powers runway model, entered nude modeling 1969, & TV appearances w/ Flip Wilson, Bob Hope, Johnny Carson. She enjoyed a "third wave" as Alexis Love, adult entertainment star. 


Lili St. Cyr fashion & Lancer Books ads, "The Night of the Damned" film review, Miss Nude Cosmos pageant (Jennie Lee vignette), Linda Styles, Ann Vogue, fantastic Jan (Swinger of the Month, front/5pp/center), Maude Barton, Yvette & Diane, Jane Hurst, Luciene Camille, Erin Kelly. Alamo News & Book Store (Houston, TX, Mar 21, 1972) rubberstamp on rear panel. 


Very Good Plus, edge rubbing, slight roll. 


Todd Frye, "Collecting Vintage Men's Magazines," 2013. [Book ID 125088] [Magazines]


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