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T-R Press (4 Vintage Paperbacks, 1969)

T-R Press (4 Vintage Paperbacks, 1969)

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T-R Press (4 Vintage Paperbacks, 1969)


N. Hollywood, CA: T-R Press, 1969. First Editions, paperback originals. Collection of 4 vintage paperbacks, adult erotic novels. T-R Press published paperbacks and magazines, some aimed at the gay community, and oddball novels with little erotic passages, like the hypnotic Korean War story "Darknes" included here. Simple, elegant art nouveau design, lovely purple wrappers, illustrated covers (possibly Ken Landau). Included: The Adventures of Father Silas (Beauregard de Farniente, religion, priests); Darknes (Francis Pollini, Korean War, flashbacks); Oh! Darling! (G. Whitcliff, London, lesbian); The Manipulator (L. Dinter, Paris, aristocracy). Good (5002), Very Good (5003, 5007), Very Good Plus (5001). Scarce series. For consenting, mature audiences.


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