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T series (11 vintage adult paperbacks, 1969-70)

T series (11 vintage adult paperbacks, 1969-70)

SKU: 125757

New York: Star Distributors, 1969-70. Eleven vintage adult paperbacks from a prolific distributor of pornographic material, arguably the largest of its era, notable for its many reprints of classic smut paperbacks. This particular series seems simply to have been the "T" series, signified by the T- issue numbers on the spines, also featured vibrant color & early "heated embrace" photo covers, similar to the Silhouettes seen today. Each book sports "First American Edition" on the front. N.A.A. ad sheet at the back. Very Good overall, most are remainders. BIG MAN ON THE BEAT (T1, 1969. Jack Williams. Detective theme). HEADS UP-TAILS DOWN (T2, 1969. Rex Stuart. Crooked Texas cop theme). ORGY A-GO-GO (T3, 1969. Georgia Lust. NY go-go dancer). STUDIO OF SIN (T4, 1969. Ken Roberts. Lecherous photographer). HUSTLER'S HAVEN (T5, 1969. Paul Stevens. Male for sale). THE FETISH PLEASERS (T6, 1969. Andrew Hopwell (Andrew Collins?). Model-to-brothel). SMALL TOWN SINNERS (T10, 1969. Robert Stacy. Ashville setting, lecherous educators). HAVING A BALL (T20, 1969. Charles Adams. Vietnam vet home to unfaithful wife. PTSD theme). HOT TIPS (T25, 1970. Tom Jordan. NY steakhouse waitress). WILD IN THE NIGHT (T48, 1970. Keith Alpers. Terminal stud does Tokyo). CAPTIVES (T50, 1970. Bill North. Model Lillian Parker rear cover vignette. Laredo, TX to Mexico theme).   [Book ID: 125757]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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