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Tab [The Pocket Picture Magazine] (11 vintage digest pinup magazines, 1952-54)

Tab [The Pocket Picture Magazine] (11 vintage digest pinup magazines, 1952-54)

SKU: 125311

New York: Carnival Magazine Corp., 1952-54. Distributed by ID/K (Kable??). B/W throughout, ~130pp. Vintage long-running non-nude pin-up digest magazines devoted to celebrities, sports, vice, truce crime, swimsuit models, burlesque, wartime themes, loaded w/ photographs & great models (later issues w/ color inserts). Similar to EYE, FOTO-RAMA, PIC, VUE, etc. V1 N6, MAR 1952: Mary Collins cover, Russ Meyer, "Hollywood" Bernard, R. Kemp, Don Ornitz, Lilly Lamont, Hadacol sideshow (Hank Williams), farm to Chicago B-girl confession, Lili St. Cyr, hash smuggling, Bill Veeck, Buddy Baer, vignettes (Joanne Arnold, Maila Nurmi, Trudy Williams), dog race, whaling, Andre (lady photographer). V2 N3, SEP 1952: Barbara Osterman cover/layout, Russ Meyer, D.C. Gunn, Arkansas fishing, Chicago Silver Frolics, sex revolution, Crying Johnny Ray, fire-eating grandma, Disney animators, Tempest Storm, female wrestlers, Korea vets, Liz Taylor, Kalapolo tribe, 1860s sintown, Brazilian Lovely Lane, Dardy Orlando, Pepper Millard. V2 N4, November 1952: Linda Lombard cover, Black Star, Zoltan Glass, Weegee, Gary Wagner, Andre de Diennes, Russ Meyer, Bernard of Hollywood; voodoo, Kalantan, Lilly Lamont, Lili St. Cyr, Lilly Christine, Evelyn West, Tempest Storm, Joe DiMaggio, Hamburg, Danielle Lamarr, Miss Brooklyn, Count Walewski, acrobats, Sally Forrest. V2 N5, JAN 1953: Joanne Arnold cover, Earl Leaf, Marilyn Monroe plays baseball, man/chicken disc-jockey duo, abortion racket, monster masks, Lucille Ball, US coast guard, Georges-Andre Martin finger dance, mobster photo-play, Earl MacPerson & model wife, one-legged skier, Dominican Republic gambling. V2 N6, MAR 1953: Kathleen Hughes cover, Rapho G., Black-Star, South Pole fire, Paris Lido, NYC vice, bullet-proof armor, Eisenhower, Ma & Pa Kettle, bootlegging in Mississippi, Steve Reeves, lost Maya race, Mara Corday, vignettes (Joy Niven, Jennie Lee, Cleo Moore, Marilyn Waltz, Sally Starr, Rogers Hornsby). V3 N1, MAY 1953: House favorite Barbara Nichols cover, Peter Basch, Bunny Bunn, Martin & Lewis, Miss America scandal, war story, Jan Sterling, Bowery flophouse memoir, Joy Niven, Munich mudbath, Marilyn Monroe, Samara & Prince Adrian snakes, tattooing, June McCall, Arlene Dahl, Rocky Marciano 1pp, Elvgren models. V3 N4, November 1953: Dorothy Rowand cover/1pp, Burt Owens, Earl Leaf, Del Hayden, Tom Edwards, Manny Fuchs, Don Ornitz, Barbara Peerless, King Farouk, Jane Russell & Marilyn Monroe 1pp, Bunny Yeager 4pp, Mamselle Emne flame dance, Lili St. Cyr, Lilly Lamont, icebergs, Dizzy Gillespie, Harlem hospital, Olching motorcycles, Haitian dance, baseball interference, Baumol death rash, Lilly Christine. V3 N5, JAN 1954: Mona Knox cover, Samerjan, Weegee, Maria Stinger, Spike Jones, Joanne Arnold, Lili St. Cyr, Kalantan, Nejla Ates, Korea dope, parakeets, smoking Lynn Hanna, Yvon Yva, Erna Rossman, Mary Ann Such, Sheree North, Mara Corday, Genghis Khan, Tony Bennett. V4 N1, MAY 1954: Peter Gowland, Keith Bernard, Marilyn Monroe vs. Jean Harlow, hi-wire motorcycle, giant Max Palmer, house favorite Shirley Kilpatrick, French postcard racket, Luz del Fuego snake dance, Dali, Jeanne Carmen, Joe Louis/Rocky Marciano/Jack Dempsey "band," Evelyn West, Marilyn Monroe rear cover. V4 N4, OCT 1954: Lee Wilson cover, Weegee, Leaf, Flatow, Donna Brown, Joy Niven, Palavit, Ingrid Larsen, whitewater rapids, Mara Lynn, Norma Dale, WWII gas warfare, Mara Lane, Tawney Fancher, vice racket, P.O.W. escape, Tina Louise 1pg, Canadian Eskimos, Mlle. Bage snakes, Peggy Dupres, Mara Corday, Jane Burgess. V4 N5, DEC 1954: Honey Merrill cover, Monkmeyer, Lois Bishop, bikini store, shrunken heads, Trudy Williams, motorcycle baseball, Cleo Moore, Dawn Oney, June McCall, Kim Novak & monkey, Lilly Christine, Marla English, Debra Paget, Yvonne DeCarlo, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Japan burlesque, Mamie Van Doren. Very Good overall. A few w/ "CALDERWOOD BROS / JOHNSTOWN, NY" blindstamp to front. Todd Frye, "Collecting Vintage Men's Magazines," 2013. Full collation details upon request. [Book ID 125311] [Magazines]


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