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Tab [The Pocket Picture Magazine] (3 vintage pin-up digest magazines, 1960-61)

Tab [The Pocket Picture Magazine] (3 vintage pin-up digest magazines, 1960-61)

SKU: 125815

New York: Carnival Magazine Corp., 1960-61. Dstributed by ID/K (Kable??). B/W throughout, 130-32pp. Three vintage non-nude pin-up digest magazines from long-running title devoted to celebrities, sports, vice, truce crime, swimsuit models, burlesque, wartime themes, loaded w/ photographs & great models (later issues w/ color inserts & some portray topless models). Similar to EYE, FOTORAMA, PIC, VUE, etc. V9 N6, FEB 1960; Charlene James cover/layout! Photographers: Hayden, UPI, Pappas, Burchman, Galaxy, Carsten-Harris, Bachman, Bernard, Woodruff, Keith Bernard. Vignettes (Patti Waggin, letter from Baltimore, MD), Lola Hall, buxom Rees twins, Patricia Wymore, Iron Curtain, Chile nightlife (Xenia), pogo sticks, swamp murder, Marcia Gammill, Iris Bristol, Lili Lisande, Betty O'Ray, tiny Union Church, Mireille La Plat (fold-out), Sabra Samarr (Elvis Presley quiver girl), Chinese leader Wong Hon, Sue Landy, prison life, buxom Mary Marchand, Anita Ventura 2.5pp. V10 N1, APR 1960: Jeanne Lynn cover/layout! Photographers: Hayden, UPI, Birnback, Yeager, Leaf, DeLong, Sutton, Vogel, Gay, Globe, Kell, Braslaff. Vignettes (house favorite Barbara Nichols, Marlyn Maher, Eve Meyer, Rita Royce, Misty Ayres, Dane Arden, Diane Webber), Bettie Page ad, wild camels, Sophia Loren, fantastic natural Laurie Amberson, Greenwich Village Miss Beatnik pageant, Hollywood deaths, Maria Cortez, paddleboard racing, history's frogmen, London prostitutes, Heidi Loree, polar bear cub, Ann Austin color pg, Jennie Lee ad, bullfights, Abby Dalton, Dianne Dorsay, "fake abortion swindle," Italian hosiery (Tulia Bonnamica), Winnie Churchill, buxom Zarina, ice motorcycles, Yvette Vickers 6pp, women's rights vignette rear panel. V12 N4, OCT 1961: Contents page excised. Sue Packer cover/layout! June Broderick, mannequin maker Bill Tellier, Pat Bush, mountain lion, Mona Wither, Dean Martin, Bangkok dope, Faye Wyatt, London statues, Gerri Gaines, Tokyo nude models, Jeannemarie Lussier, CA's pools, Gambrell twins Air Force, Milton Berle & Jack Benny, Althea Currier, Gehrhofen, Gypsy Allen bowling!, worms, dog races, blonde Claudia Gilbert, Shinto fisherman custom. Janet Dane, Eisriesenwelt, Joan Brinkman (?) 1pg, house favorite nudist Sue Snow vignette. Very Good Plus overall.   [Book ID: 125815]  [Magazines]


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