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The Best Erotica for Modern Readers (6 vintage adult paperbacks)

The Best Erotica for Modern Readers (6 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125602

Dean, Curtis and Ward Michaels, Martin Steele, Rod Strong, Sven Oglesen, Raymond Thomas (writers)
New York: N.p., 1980s-90s. New York, NY (presumed): circa 1980s-1990s. 6 vintage adult paperbacks, featuring non-nude photo covers (reproduced on the rear panels), and no publisher/copyright information present. Probably a fly-by-night producer, or printed only for magazine/video subscribers. Two distinct production styles are present, both on pulp stock, one series in pink and blue wrapper design, one in orange and gray. All published $5.95; states "The Best Erotica for Modern Readers" on rear panels. SULTRY STARLET - 3097. Southern setting, burlesque talent scout. NAUGHTY NYMPHO - 3099. Insatiable wife overcomes husband. SEX SWEDISH STYLE - 3100. Interracial love in Stockholm. SERVICE WITH A SMILE - 3101. "A dwarf, a foot fetishist and two ravenously uninhibited women...". MAID TO ORDER - 3102. Migrant woman discovers love in foreign land. TORRID TRIOS - 3103. Repressed lady enjoys troilism. All unread, Near Fine. No remainders.  [Book ID: 125602]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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