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[The] Gent (Vintage adult magazine, Feb 1957)

[The] Gent (Vintage adult magazine, Feb 1957)

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Murray, Maurice (publisher, art dir.); James H. Holmes (ed.-in-chief); Arthur Oesterreicher (assoc. ed.); Selma P. Olson (prod. mgr.); Silver Studios, Bunny Yeager, Ted Navarro, Gordo Rossi, Jurgen Jacobsen, Peter G. Wickman, Pix, Paul Wagner, Franz Eck (photography); Robert Benchley, Jack Q. Lynn, Barry Norris, Hoyt McAfee, Theodore Pratt, Charles E. Fritch, Bob Bristow, Allen Rankin, Irwin Shaw, Robert Lowry, Harlan Ellison, Anthony Tallarico, Bob Brandwein, Rad, Ray Keane, Sally Berwick, Cramer, Birnback, Irv Docktor, O'Brien, Donald Wing, Bill Hofmann (editorial, art)


The Gent (Vintage adult magazine, 1957)


New York: Excellent Publications, 1957. V1 N3, February 1957; distributed by Kable, B/W/Color throughout, 68pp, "Fifty Cents" cover price, side-stapled/perfect-bound. Vintage adult magazine featuring glamour photography of nude women, a title later known for emphasizing buxom models, long shelf life, classic cartoons. Their employ of artists like Bill Wenzel, Hageman, S. Harris, Lindensmith, Don Lomax, Otis Sweat & Bob Zahn kept their lighthearted approach established even into the 1970s.


Silver Studios cover, Marla English vignette rear cover. Dance duo 4pp, interrogation, Swedish Elisabeth Falk 2pp, Caribbean travel, Marion Michaels jungle goddess 4pp, Tarzan private eye, uncredited blonde valentine 3pp, double-sided foldout Maria Stinger & girl/eye-popping Washington, turkey catching, Salvador Dali "Temple of Venus" 3pp, house favorite Zahra Norbo 3pp, Dolores Naples 2pp, fiction (sexy preacher, Key West, Madison Ave meets small-town, "Mixed Company" 1939, "The Hungry One"), ad (The Dude).


Very Good, heavy insect chew to spine, foxing. [Book ID 125621] [Magazines]


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