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The Girls of Penthouse (Vintage adult magazine, 1985)

The Girls of Penthouse (Vintage adult magazine, 1985)

SKU: 126285

Guccione, Bob (publisher, ed., photography); Don Myrus (v.p.); Richard Romanoff, Betsy Vayda, Linda Jones, Lorraine Bethel, Estelle Silbermann, Penelope Weiss, Kiki Grossman, Elizabeth McKenna, Patrick King (ed.); Sheila Schepis, Danielle Gallo (design); Tom Stinson (production mgr.); Gene Mooney (photo librarian); Jeff Zelmanski (promotions); Marcia Orovitz, Irwin Billman (circulation); Ed Holzman, Jerry Pasternak, Allan J. Wash, Carl Wachter, Burt Bunger, Norman Oberlander, Donald Milne, Hank Londoner (photography)


The Girls of Penthouse (Vintage adult magazine, 1985)


New York: Penthouse International / Penthouse Press, 1985. [V1] N13, 1985; stated “First Edition” on copyright, distributed by Curtis Circulation Company, full-color throughout, 120pp, $3.95 cover price, perfect-bound. Vintage adult magazine devoted to nude women, reprinting material published in Penthouse 1978-83. Series began 1977.


Uncredited cover model wraparound. Kate Simmons 1pp, Tanya Turner 11pp, Paula Warnick 15pp, Danielle Martin 14pp, Lari Jones 18pp, Krista Simon 18pp/centerfold, Rebecca de Burghmound 10pp, Nicole Monrowe 18pp/centerfold, Rachael & Robin 16pp, Lale Hansen 13pp. 

Very Good Plus, light rubbing, slight roll.  [Book ID 126285] [Magazines]


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