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The Pussycat [Theatre] (Vintage Highball souvenir glass & matchbook, 1970s)

The Pussycat [Theatre] (Vintage Highball souvenir glass & matchbook, 1970s)

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The Pussycat [Theatre] (Vintage high ball souvenir glass & matchbook)


California: Self published, 1970s. Vintage aperitif Highball glass & matchbook, original souvenirs from the California adult film theater chain, The Pussycat. The glass is identical to that used in the company's ad campaigns. One of at least 2 glass sizes (other being a Rocks glass). Cool cathouse items from a hip era.


Popular 1960s-80s chain in California, founded by David F. Friedman & Dan Sonney, naming the company after Woody Allen's 1965 film "What's New Pussycat?" The first 2 years of operation saw several locations San Diego to San Francisco. By 1968, theater interiors rose to Hefner-ian levels, w/ bold carpeting & fixtures, mirror walls, fine art, merchandise like battery-powered clocks & ashtrays, all bearing the Pussycat logo. Some theaters sold popcorn to pedestrians on the sidewalk. Nearby residents complained that their children would be negatively influenced by constant barrage of advertising featuring actresses from the films, & the company has had its share of lawsuits, onsite arrests, ban ordinances, "Deep Throat," the Mafia. The last operating location was on Santa Monica Boulevard, saved from closing entirely by filmmaker Roger Corman, c. 2003. Written about extensively by Jay Allen Sanford.


Aperitif glass 3 x 5 inches, stem base 2.25 inches, THE PUSSYCAT in feline arc in black, about 8 ounces. Matchbook unstruck, 30 matches on color-illus. book, 2 x 2 inches closed, w/ iconic "cat-girl" logo on both panels. Near Fine overall.   [Book ID 126051] [Novelties]


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