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Thigh Power (Vintage adult magazine, premiere issue, 1969)

Thigh Power (Vintage adult magazine, premiere issue, 1969)

SKU: 126328

Batters, Elmer "Thigh Commissioner" (photographer)


Thigh Power (Vintage adult magazine, premiere issue, 1969)


Van Nuys, CA: Venice Publishing Corp., 1969. V1 N1, April 1969; B/W/Color throughout, 78pp, $2.50 cover price, 8.25 x 10.75 inches, saddle-stapled. Vintage adult magazine featuring imaginative photography of nude women, credited to Elmer Batters as "Thigh Commissioner" on copyright. Batters' prolific fetish photography of contour, nylon hosiery, simple yet elegant high-heeled shoes (even sneakers), was self-published for much of his career. During these years, before his work for Parliament News, set the standard for future photographers like Eric Kroll, Chas Krider. This series ran short, published just after his 14-issue crest of his career, "Thigh High," but still rampant is his progressive approach & multicultural themes. 


Vincene in the desert covers/6pp. Pictorial contents pp, blonde Barbara in stripes on pipes 10pp, Anne & muscle car break down 8pp, barstools, thick glasses, Priscilla & high voltage 10pp/centerfold, Antoinette & sword on rock 6pp/ctr, sailing blonde 2pp, "cosplay" in the woods 2pp, Marianne & flower "headress" 2pp, Mamie in crinoline 2pp, Vickie in sneakers 4pp, wonderful Windy & yoga ball hitchhiking 10pp, vignettes (Michelle Angelo), Royal Order of The Garter film ad (10 titles); some models appear in other Batters titles. 


Very Good, ink to front, centerfold loose but present. [Book ID 126328] [Magazines]


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