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"To Be a King" (Original carbon typescript, 1960s)

"To Be a King" (Original carbon typescript, 1960s)

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Offutt, Andrew J.


"To Be a King" (Original carbon typescript, 1960s)


Kentucky: N.p., 1960s. Original carbon typescript for a story called "To Be a King," with that title and "8" (page number) at the top. One editorial notation in holograph ink, noting character names. It begins "His Eminence hitched up his purple robe and crossed" and ends "The emperor regarded Barth with disarmingly" and wine grapes "Sithparese Medina" are central; exact publication (if any) undetermined. Offutt was an avid science fiction author noted for "Conan"-themed fantasies, debuted as a published writer in 1951, and wrote 100s of erotic novels pseudonymously as John Cleve, Turk Winter, John Denis, Jeff Moorehead, Opal Andrews, among others. The "Spaceways" series is perhaps his ultimate collaboration between science fiction and erotica. Most institutions without personal material. 8.5 x 11 inches, carbon stock, folded once horizontally. Very Good Plus, brief edge chips.


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