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Topper (7 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1965-67)

Topper (7 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1965-67)

SKU: 125669

CA/OH: Douglas Publishing, 1965-66. Seven issues of vintage adult magazines, primitively but solidly bound together at the spines, blank paper spine; blank manila covers excised. A fine men's magazine w/ color centerfolds, full-pg illustrations, from makers of ROGUE & other top-notch PLAYBOY competitors. TOPPER used a month/year numbering system during this time, rather than a volume/number system. The publisher also had a knack for using covers featuring models from future issues! VG+ overall. Present in this volume: Jan 1965 (Max Miller party cover, George W. Smythe, Longstreet, Nancy Wilson, bordellos, RBK[ane] Penelope, unnamed brunette, Sam Ewing, Jon Dahlstrom, Moynihan, Bilsland, Merta, Bilko, Mickey Jines, Anne Lindquist). Feb 1965 (Longstreet cover, Frank D. Thayer, Jr., swapping, P.I.P. Kim Courtney, Ninna, Joe Gores, Dahlstrom erotic constellations, flying, sex slang, Merta, Bilsland, Moynihan, Drummond, Dennis, "The Defilers" film, Monterey Jazz). Jul 1965 (Miller or RBK cover, Marquis de Sade, Old West cons, rare coins, Redacts, Horace Alger, sailors in Cannes, Dorinda Davis, Sunny Woods, Dennis, Hoest, Merta, drink recipes, Carroll Baker, Bettie Page ad). Mar 1966 (Margie Moran cover, Cynthia Skyler, Sam Ewing, RBK blonde covergirl from 7/65 issue, Dahlstrom office girls, Alexander Hamilton, exotic cars, Queen of the Desert casino, mink lady, Bunny Yeager, Buster Miller, Lewis VanDercar). Aug 1966 (Andy Edwards, skin divers, Tee Tee Red, swinger etiquette, Sebring car race, Batman belt, barn romance, Ron Vogel Stephanie Hallow, Viet Cong story, Paul Brock witchdoctor love, Kay Nelson, art Dennis, Bilko, full-pg Wenzel, S. Gross, Rure Asta). Nov 1966 (Will Hotchkiss, jazzman John Handy, Tarzan, Peppermint Tree - San Francisco club, Eskimos, skydiving, Bilsland, Moynihan, Remo, Merta, Troop, Katie Suboroff, CA Viet Cong village, Cannes women, Cha Landres, Jody Richards, Shawn Deveraux) Dec 1966 (Arnold Paulus Airline pilot story, Ulla Johansson, Janice Black, Santa carol, bobsledding, Bal Tabarin club, baseball, bloomers, RBK Pandora Sands, Rick Rubin, Jane Dolinger, Curtis Casewit, Elisabeth Aronsson & Ericophone, Maria Stinger & Christmas).. Full collation details available upon request.  [Book ID: 125669]  [Magazines]


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