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Travis (Vintage paperback, Diane Webber cover)

Travis (Vintage paperback, Diane Webber cover)

SKU: 125655

M.E. Knerr (Michael E. Knerr)

N.p.: Pike Books PB214, 1962. Vintage sleaze paperback , distributed by Paragon News, featuring cover photo of Diane Webber by Peter Gowland. Webber makes this appearance as a girl on the sandy beach with a sailor of "fortune," presumed to be Diane's then-husband, Joe. They would appear in nudist magazines and a separate book publication, but this is presumed to be their only paperback appearance together. Probably the only Mike Travis novel, a PI in Florida, likely modeled after another famous "Travis" of crime fiction. This is pseudo-sleaze, about a man who is irresistible to women on the dunes. Very Good Plus.  [Book ID: 125655]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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