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Trinity Books (3 vintage adult paperbacks, 1976)

Trinity Books (3 vintage adult paperbacks, 1976)

SKU: 125276

Sharon Emanuel, Monica Dean, Carole Czernie (authors)


Lemon Grove, CA: Self published, 1976. Three vintage adult paperbacks, general lurid themes covered, mostly or all female authored (including one "Carole Czernie," presume pseudonym for adult film star Serena Czarnecki), maybe 20 in the series, similar to Parliament News' FIRESIDE READER titles w/ illustrated & later photo covers. Uncommon line. HOT & HORNY GARDENER (TB-04, 1976); WRITER'S PAD (TB-08, 1976, Good); TEACHER'S DIRTY LESSONS (TB-13, 1976, "Pac. News" rubber-stamp to top edges). Very Good overall, hole-punch remainders. "CDI" imprint on front panels (distributor??).  [Book ID 125276] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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