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True Adventures (Vintage adventure pinup magazine, Aug 1959)

True Adventures (Vintage adventure pinup magazine, Aug 1959)

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Steeger, Henry (president); Pat Walker, Milt Machlin, Hal Steeger, D. Greenburg, Jack Levine, et. al (editors); Ed Dieckmann, Jr., H.P. Gordon, Roy C. Rainey, Dunwoodie Hall, David C. Crewe, Jules Archer, Craig Rice, Lloid Jones, John P. Schofield, Ben Preston, Rod Lengle, Robert Latham, Hollis Ramsey (contributors)


True Adventures (Vintage adventure pinup magazine, Aug 1959)


Caton, OH: New Publications, 1959. V28 N3, August 1959. 82pp, B/W throughout. Vintage adventure pinup (non-nude)magazine, began as mid-1950s adventure, eventually early 1970s straightforward nude magazine. Cover art uncredited.


Spark plugs, high seas story, harem raid, Clyde Beatty (Homer Page photos), "The End of Fear" (Rice, Walter Popp illus.), coy blonde (photo by Martin Dain), John Clymer painting, killer coyote (Walt Wiggins photos), "New Gun in Town" story (Jones, Bob Shulz illus.), dream model Nancy Kirsten 35-24-35 (Al Weiss photos), "The Mad Preacher of Tennessee" story (Schofield, Norm Saunders illus.), Ralph De Palma, Chicago murder, bronco stuntmen, "The Case of the Laughing Corpse" story (Lengle, William George illus.), cartoons (Ali, O'Brien, Norment, Porges, Lyons).


Near Fine.


Todd Frye, "Collecting Vintage Men's Magazines," 2013. [Book ID 126016] [Magazines]


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