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True Detective's Crime Yearbook (2 vintage crime magazines, Nos. 2 and 5)

True Detective's Crime Yearbook (2 vintage crime magazines, Nos. 2 and 5)

SKU: 125892

Dunning, John, and Peter Maas [as Pedar Daas] (contributors)

New York: RGH Publishing, 1988, 1991. Two vintage mystery & crime magazines, both feature alluring pin-up cover photography of models as femme fatales. B/W throughout, color wrapper, 98pp. Uncommon series, presumably only a handful of issues published, released as "Collector's Items" from the start, annual anthology selections from "True Detective" magazine. Reminiscent of like mags from years prior, similar in layout & content, w/ novelty ads throughout, & just as sensational. Many pieces are edited to include fake names of victims/suspects: "Fictitious names have been used because there is no reason for public interest in the identities of these persons." Some exceptions to this rule, including various "Wanted by the FBI" pages with mugshots of actual criminals. N2, 1988: John Dunning, Hank Hudson, barry Benedict, Benison Murray, L.J. Roi, Will Hardy, Joseph N. York, Bruce Stockdale, Andy Stacky, Bill G. Cox, Tara Lewis, Pedar Daas (presumed Peter Maas). John & Glynis Toye, tonga stick murder, laughing gas, Kim Salinas murder, man in black negligee, Nebraska torture cult, Jackie Brand, Denise Johnson murder, Barbara Jo Still, Dianne Voss, Leo Joseph Koury wanted ad, Bob Zahn cartoon, Ginger Lynn video ad. N5, 1991: Bill Ryder, Janet Brakeman, Bill G. Cox, Julie Malear, Michael Ponzani, Bill Kelly, Benison Murray, Don Unatin, John Anthony, Krist Boardman, Gary C. King, Randy Perdue. Newtown (CT) murder, oversexed Romeo, Las Cruces bowling alley massacre, exotic dancer boiled, decapitation, Huntsville (TX) serial killer, Alhambra Mobile Home park, Rochester's sex strangler Shawcross, Green River, cowboy conman, Alexander Leps, Schochet & Frank Tabor cartoons. Both about Near Fine.  [Book ID: 125892]  [Magazines]


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