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True Detective (Vintage crime magazine, Jul 1945)

True Detective (Vintage crime magazine, Jul 1945)

SKU: 125889

Shuttleworth, John, and Clayton Rawson (editors); Kurt Severin, Raymond T. Palmer, James Taylor Adams, William Gilman, Edward D. Radin, Richard G. Harris, Marvin Leslie, William Mangil, Jerry Wallace, Fred Menagh, L. Louis Sheldon, Albert E. BRager, Zachariah Childs, S. Smith Mitchell, Turner Reeves, Vincent McCarthy, Bob Arentz, Alfred Prather, John Wooster Martin, Joe Wiegers, Fred Rothermel, Leo Shanahan, D. Haller (contributors); Richard Cardiff (cover art); Zadig, Samstag, Bo Brown, La Mendola (illus.)

Dunellen, NJ: MacFadden Publications, 1945. V43 N4, July 1945. B/W/duotone throughout, 112pp. Vintage magazine devoted to vice and true crime stories, fiction, exposés, propaganda. Short-lived (this series), & pulpy, but saw various transitions throughout 1980s-1990s. Beekman Hill murder, crazy quilt crime, taxicab detectives, Highway 97 Oregon killer, treasure hunting, Fulton County & Dead Man's Curve, Nazi spies, Pinkertons & Hart's ghost, missing wives, Texas Prison rodeo, four cigarettes, stolen tires, Det. Thomas Jackson, reefer madness, abandoned mill Northampton, Patricia Burton murder, Barbara Nichols "Standard Art Studios" ad, Pabst Blue Ribbon ad. Very Good, ink to front, spine roll, edgewear. Uncommon issue. Alan Betrock, "The Illustrated Price Guide to Cult Magazines," 1994.  [Book ID: 125889]  [Magazines]


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