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True [The Man's Magazine] (Vintage adventure magazine, Nov 1962)

True [The Man's Magazine] (Vintage adventure magazine, Nov 1962)

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Fawcett, W.H. (pres.); Roger Fawcett (gen. mgr.); Gordon Fawcett (sec.-treas.); Roscoe K. Fawcett (circulation); Douglas S. Kennedy, Norman P. Schoenfeld, Lenwood H. Bowman (eds.); George R. Martin, Anatoli M. Ganovsky, Bob Krauss, John S. Tompkins, Myron Cope, Joe Wolfe, George Kent, Bob Grant & John E. Boykin, Evan Lee Heyman, Donald MacDonald, M.S. Epoc, William A. Fisher, Ed Park, James Phelan (contribs.); Bill Wenzel, Carl Fischer, Doris Matthews, David Levine, Herb Green, Frank McCarthy, Earl C. Mayan, Alexis de Sakhnoffsky, C.E. Monroe, Jr., Isadore Seltzer, Geo. Gately, A.S. Habbick, Herb Williams, Ed Dahlin, Sylvia Getsler, Tann, Taber, S.G. Farris, Jerry Marcus, Gallagher, L. Herman, Dave Hirsch (illus.); Richard Waite, Paul Himmel (photog.)


True [The Man's Magazine] (Vintage magazine, November 1962)


Greenwich, CT: Fawcett Publications, 1962. Vol. 43, No. 306, November; 35 cents cover price, b/w/color throughout, 160pp, side-stapled perfect-bound. Vintage magazine devoted to men's fashion, culture, adventure & crime fiction, news, celebrities, cars, sports, non-nude pinups, and a refreshing number of women illustrators. Subscriber card intact. This issue distributed to the Midwest Area, Fawcett regions 2-6 (statement on last page). Fischer cover, Chesterfield King ad rear cover, Texas firefighter, 1835 lunar hoax, Hawaiian cowboy 1889, barbed wire, Palle Hardrup, Detroit cars 1963, Eddie Gilbert, Mills B. Lane car collection, bear hunting, buying voters, George Ignacio Mira, "Girl Watcher's Coloring Book" (8pp Wenzel booklet), muddy elks, winter fashion, NKVD agents, ads (Portage Shoes, International Correspondence, Old Spice, 7-Up, tobacco pipes, Vargas playing cards). Very Good, creases, foxing, spine tears, slightly offset. 


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