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Turn-Ons (vintage adult digest magazine, Joanne Latham cover, Feb 1983)

Turn-Ons (vintage adult digest magazine, Joanne Latham cover, Feb 1983)

SKU: 125057

Tabatch, Jack (Publisher); Valerie St. John, G.C. Harper, Anne M., Sandy Smith, K.D. Bliss, T.R. Witomski, Lamar Richards, Carl Sherwood (contributors)


Turn-Ons (vintage adult digest magazine, Joanne Latham cover, Feb 1983) 


New York: Aja Publishing Corp., 1983. V5 N2, February 1983. Distributed by FDC. Vintage adult digest magazine featuring English glamour model Joanne Latham on the front cover, posing & emphasizing natural assets, aiming a tacit stare; the titles match the pink of her blush. Cecil Howard's "Foxtrot" on the rear panel. 


A Wolverhampton native, a dancer before her first professional nude photos were appropriated by Guccione at Penthouse (1979), Joanne's often beguiling icy gaze & unquestionable lush dimensions still captivate on paper, LP sleeves, even VHS slipcases for films she never appeared in. She also appeared on copious magazine covers, including Game, Partner, Mayfair, Response, Oui Letters, Pillow Talk, Family Letters, & international titles produced in France, Germany, Spain. Joanne also appeared on several Midwood Books paperbacks.  


"Turn-Ons" flourished out of "Response: Turn-Ons" around 1980s, featured reader's letters, experiences, fiction, mixed w/ nearly hardcore photo layouts, illustrations, ads for sex aids, videos, magazines. 


5.25 x 8.25 inches, B/W/duochrome throughout, color wrapper, 114pp, saddle-stapled. Near Fine, ink to both sides of front cover.


Steve Sullivan, "Glamour Girls: The Illustrated Encyclopedia," #85, 1999. [Book ID 125057] [Magazines]


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