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Vest Pocket Books (Vintage sleaze paperbacks, 1962)

Vest Pocket Books (Vintage sleaze paperbacks, 1962)

SKU: 125569

Hitt, Orrie; D.W Craig, A.E. Oliver


Vest Pocket Books (Vintage paperbacks, 1962)


New York: Vest Pocket Books, 1962. Vintage adult paperbacks featuring covers of supermodel/actress June Wilkinson, a noted Russ Meyer favorite, Lili St. Cyr look-alike Judi Bamber, & a third uncredited model. Vest Pocket Books issued only four titles, each housed in cardboard photo cover boxes, two books per box, images repeated on both box & book (except Carnival Sin & Motel Girl). Orrie Hitt authored the first two, he probably wrote the others. Paperback sleaze gems, & uncommon pinup appearances.


Carnival of Sin (VP101, 1962, Orrie Hitt, June Wilkinson both images, Very Good Plus).

Playpet (VP102, 1962, Orrie Hitt, Judi Bamber both images, Near Fine).

Box 1 Very Good Plus.


Strange Sin (VP103, 1962, D.W. Craig, unknown model, Very Good).

Motel Girl (VP104, 1962, A.E. Oliver, Judi Bamber both images, Very Good).

Box 2 Fair, insect chew, tape, lacking inner flap, stains. Where Strange Sin should be chewed, Motel Girl is (books once stored in reverse in box). [Book ID 125569] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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