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Virgo Library (5 vintage adult paperbacks, 1970s)

Virgo Library (5 vintage adult paperbacks, 1970s)

SKU: 125297

Ursula Parkins, Lance Starr, Ben Dowling, David Roberts (authors)


Los Angeles, CA: New World Publishing, 1970s. Five vintage adult paperbacks, distributed by Parliament News, featuring illustrated covers, and stewardess, waitress, private detectives themes. Scarce imprint w/ cool yin-yang wrapper art (see "Amorous Waitress").   The Sex Temptress (VL108); The Case Of: The Nude Torso (VL109. Remainder Punch); The Case Of: The Seductive Stewardess (VL110); The Amorous Waitress (VL111); The Erotic Voyage (VL116). Very Good or better overall.  [Book ID 125297] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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