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Visiting Nurse (First Edition)

Visiting Nurse (First Edition)

SKU: 125928

Bligh, Norman (author)

New York: Original Novels, 1953. Original Novels N727. Paperback Original, first printing. Classic if the least bit intrusive cover art by Ray Pease, featuring a slender blonde in-home nurse at the behest of smoking two-timer at breakfast, while in the background a forsaken lover longs for attention. Clemson (OR) setting, clubs, doctors. Original Novels was a New York outfit lasting only a few years, w/ an output nearing 50 titles, & some of the finer authors/artists of the era, including Harry Whittington, Florence Stonebraker, Albert L. Quandt, Peggy Gaddis; overall responsible for several key crime, drug, delinquent titles. Very Good Plus, offset printed wrapper, faint creases/rubbing/roll. Gary Lovisi, "The Sexy Digests" p67, 2008.  [Book ID: 125928]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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