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Vue [America's Photo Digest] (4 vintage digest pin-up magazines, 1951-57)

Vue [America's Photo Digest] (4 vintage digest pin-up magazines, 1951-57)

SKU: 125925

Steirman, Hy, and Art Weithas, Win Horst, George Ellis, Allen Porter, Jr., Mary S. Sachs, Stephen Cooke, Edwin McGowan (editors)

New York: Vue Magazine / Actual Publishing Company , 1951-57. Distributed by ID/K (Kable??). B/W throughout, 130pp, 5 x 7.5 inches. Vintage long-running non-nude pin-up digest magazines devoted to celebrities, sports, vice, truce crime, swimsuit models, burlesque, wartime themes, loaded w/ photographs & great models, including photo-story layouts (like Fawcett & detective magazines). At some point in 1953, w/ company name change to Actual Publishing, they included color insert pages. Similar to Eye Foto-rama, Pic, Tab. V2 N3, November 1951: Del Hayden, Paramount, INP, Herm Nathan, Graphic, Charles Farr, Will Downer, Albert Brandt, D.C. Gunn, Cope, Acme, David McLane, Hamilton Wright, Tom Shafer, Bergdorf Goodman, Filroy Kemp, Michael Ackerman; "When Worlds Collide" film, boring Betty Byrd, Olena (OH), Herman Hover, Texas circus, Stalin's son, Madame Massigli, paratroopers, Chic James, New Jersey cop Harry Justice, producer Wanda Smith, hypnosis, firemen, corsets, silo house, mink, fishnet fashion Doreen Evans, tribes, Jane Russell, John Barrymore, vignettes (Ava Gardner, Cleo Moore, Yvonne De Carlo). Wrappers loose but present, Fair. V4 N3, October 1953: Honey Merrill cover/layout! Silver, Kell, Carsten, Cuzion, Miles, Kay, Gunther, Fuchs, Dupont, Doll, Wagner, Francis; Kalantan, Art Students League Ball, Vera Miles, snakes, London vice, Princess DoMay 4pp, mountain lions, Martine Carol, torrid ballet, Gerri Donelle (Sequin Garner), Carolyn Wynn, "Fair Wind to Java," women's softball, legs, Spike Jones & Diane Shelby & Joanne Arnold, Yvonne in Berlin, Diane Page devil dance, Kippee Valez, Barbara Osterman. V5 N6, July 1954: Betty Brosmer cover/layout! Burchman, Bennett, Almasy, Hayden, Leaf, Rapho, Flatow, Wagner, Culver; Turkish bath, Ganges disaster, Marilyn Robbins, military justice, Hazel Shaw, Maria Stinger, Marianne & teddy bear, Sherri Britton, Denmark vice, wolf taming, Kim Novak, Myra Johnson, Bunny Yeager, Padaung women, Laurette Luez, Lilly Cat Girl Christine, Harvard female impersonators, rodeos, Roxanne Arlen, Gay Dawn, Nancy Eggert. Date stamp, insect chew to front pp. V10 N3, May 1957: Judy Bamber (Vest Pocket paperback model) cover/layout! Photographers: Bernard, Gilloon, Wagner, Hayden, Kemp, Rocco, Burchman, Leaf, Prange, Rhodes, Yeager; Jeannie Mann, stab victim, Eva Wilde, Vicky Palmer, boar, vignettes (Lilly Cat Girl Christine, Blaze Starr, Caprice, Brandy Martin, Carol Shannon, Lily Ayres, Irma the Body, Arline Hunter, Diane Webber), Gina Egan, storks, Lydia Jean, Gilda, film censorship, elephants, Rusty Beaumont, Rene Andre, stag film, I-leen, dancers (Candida, Desire), Micky Marlowe, Linda Cadi! Very Good overall, 1951 issue Fair. Todd Frye, "Collecting Vintage Men's Magazines," 2013.  [Book ID: 125925]  [Magazines]


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