What You Always Wanted to Know About... (9 adult paperbacks, 1972-73)

What You Always Wanted to Know About... (9 adult paperbacks, 1972-73)

SKU: 125494

Wilmington, DE: Eros Publishing, 1972-73. Eros Publishing Co., then Capri (NY), 1972-73. Vintage adult paperbacks, distributed by Parliament News & Global Press (Pittsburgh), from the famed Eros Goldstripe gold-colored line, featuring photo covers w/ hardcore b/w photos throughout. Documentary-style format, 200+pp. case studies but often essentially fiction, authored by "Ph.D." physicians Ties to Visual Adventure distributors, paperbacks checklist/order forms present. Each title contains "What You Always Wanted to Know About [subject] But Were Afraid to Ask." THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION - GPD16, 1972. E.C. Trenwick. NYMPHOMANIA - GPD22, 1972. Hector Oland. TRI-SEXUALS - GPD23, 1972. Warren Milanski. FEMALE EXHIBITIONISTS - GPD24, 1972. Julius De Armond. PORNO-MOVIES - GPD25, 1972. Roger Blake (Con Sellers?). ORALISM AND PAIN - GPD31, 1972. Matthew Garsen. SEX FANTASIES - GPD33, 1972. Thomas Hilton. Lots of John Holmes! PROSTITUTION IN AMERICA - GPD44, 1973. Dr. George Clinard. SEX IN COMMUNES - GPD45, 1973. Dr. Hans Schillmann. VG+ overall, remainders. [Book ID 125494] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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