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Wild (Vintage adult paperback, Joanne Latham front cover, 1980)

Wild (Vintage adult paperback, Joanne Latham front cover, 1980)

SKU: 126008

Church, Vincent


Wild (Vintage adult paperback, Joanne Latham front cover, 1980)


New York: Midwood Publications , 1980. Midwood Book 61415 cover price $2.25. Vintage adult paperback, distributed by CDC, featuring front panel photo of legendary British model, Joanne Latham. Story about wild bunch who turn a truck into a love shack.  


Joanne looking windswept at the beach, hair pinned in a bun, , w/ blue glass bead necklace, seemingly exotic & contemplative. Joanne also appeared on "Over-Developed" (Jason Hytes, Midwood 61511), showing Joanne w/ flower, eating exotic fruit. Joanne carried on the British custom of producing women w/ mass appeal, voluptuous curves, & "Page Three Girl" credentials. From her youth in Wolverhampton to lessons in ballet, to first nude photos appropriated by Guccione at Penthouse in 1979, to her post-modeling career shortly before 1990, & her devotion to spirituality & yoga, Joanne's often beguiling icy gaze & unquestionable dimensions 40-25-35 still captivate on paper, vinyl album sleeves, even VHS slipcases for films she never appeared in. She also appeared on several magazine covers, including Game, Partner, Mayfair, Response, Oui Letters, Pillow Talk, & Family Letters. She also enjoyed moderate popularity appearing on foreign magazine covers, several from France, Germany, Spain. 


Almost Near Fine, diagonal crease to front. 


Steve Sullivan, "Glamour Girls: The Illustrated Encyclopedia," #85, 1999. [Book ID 126008] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)] 


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