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WKG series (4 vintage adult paperbacks, 1989)

WKG series (4 vintage adult paperbacks, 1989)

SKU: 125300

Jeff Stone, Tanya Mazuk, Chris Harrison, Michael Jones (authors)


N. Hollywood, CA: American Art Enterprises, 1989. Four vintage adult paperbacks, published in California and distributed by Parliament News, featuring illustrated covers and w/ themes including stewardess, nurse, singers, and stenographers (WKG = Working). 4-letter words rampant. Scarce imprint. PASSIONATE SINGER (WKG-122, 6th print 1989. Remainder). SECRETARY'S NAKED LUNCH (WKG-126, 4th print 1989). FLY ME, I'M EVE (WKG-138, 2nd print 1989. Remainder). HOT PANTS STENO (WKG-140, 2nd print 1989. Remainder). Very Good or better overall.  [Book ID 125300] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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