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Xcitement in Pictures (6 vintage digest pin-up magazines, 1956-57)

Xcitement in Pictures (6 vintage digest pin-up magazines, 1956-57)

SKU: 125223

New York: Anything Goes, 1956-57. Vintage adult photo/tabloid digest featuring articles on world vice, taboos, celebrities, culture, and splattered w/ generous helpings of hot pinups. Notable figures have appeared on the covers, including Virginia Bell, Tina Louise, Greta Thyssen, and more. The "Xcitement" name has been on magazines up to the 2000s, and it was clear from the start the publication had more to often than others of its kind. Much of their photography was produced by Globe, where Russ Meyer snapped, and Graphic House, and they often ran ads for photos of Betty Brosmer, Meg Myles, and Sophia Loren. 1956 Dec (Tina Louise, Borneo, Arline Hunter, women wrestlers, cadavers) 1957 Jan (Joy Reynolds, Sumo, Haitian skull dance, body painting, Sabrina, Marilyn Robbins) Feb (Pauli Mohler, Carol Allen, Diane Boulais, narcotics court, smuggling, Coccinelle, Monique van Vooren) Jun (Patty Conley, Marilyn Monroe's father, Ilse Petersen, female boxing, Picasso working, Greta Thyssen, Odile Rodin) Aug (Virginia Bell, Vikki "The Back" Dougan, sex changes, Princess Rachevsky, Sophia Loren, Clara Antonelli, Jeanne Carmen) Oct (Greta Thyssen, hanging, Marion Michael, an Iron Maiden, Virginia Bell, Cherrie Knight) [Book ID 125223] [Magazines]


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